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Anion far infrared reorganization health care hat

The anion far infrared reorganization health care ceremonial hat uses from the seabed deep place ore "health, environmental protection" the anion material, and makes its ultra fine powder body processing the nanometer anions far infrared medicinal preparation, and by the chemical bond and the wool union, entrusts with the ceremonial hat by the health care function reorganization technology。

1, the adjustment blood sour alkalinity, activates the brain cell, the suppression blood serum cholesterol formation, the acceleration metabolism, reduces wearily, causes the person to have ease of mind, and has the physical therapy to cure the function.2、Activates in the brain the hormone beta - in first the peptide, the improvement sleep, enhances the immunity。3、Has the far infrared health care and the heat preservation function, may cause person's body feeling temperature rise, and can absorb the energy which in the human body or the environment releases, and transforms the anion and the remote infrared ray affects again to the human body improves the micro circulation, promotes the human body health。


Guards against the ultraviolet ray hat

In the solar spectrum, the ultraviolet ray approximately composes 60%,the ultraviolet ray not only causes the textile discoloration with them brittle, also may cause the human body skin to produce the melanin and the color spot, what is more serious is also can induce the consecration, it is necessary to perform to protect. My factory development guards against the ultraviolet ray ceremonial hat to use the ultraviolet ray

absorbent and the reflection medicinal preparation carries on processing to the hat body, the ultraviolet ray absorbent can absorb the high energy the ultraviolet ray, and cause sit to turn the low energy to the low conversion of energy the heat energy to become a wave length shorter electromagnetic wave, thus eliminates to the human body and the fabric harm, the ultraviolet ray reflection medicinal preparation may increase the fabric to the ultraviolet ray reflection and the scattering phenomenon, prevents the penetration fabric.


Waterproofing hat

The waterproof ceremonial hat uses the organic fluorine water-repellent processing hat body, throws over in the textile fiber surface thin layer covers, enable the ceremonial hat to have can water resistant moist, the seepage, swollen physical and the chemical change and so on


Run performance, and still could maintain the good permeability, could effectively prevent the ceremonial hat met the water to distort, the maintenance good shape was stable.

The insect proofing eats hat

The insect proofing eats reorganizes the ceremonial hat is uses the new style highly effective wool insect proofing to eat the processing hat body, thus causes the ceremonial hat to obtain the lasting good insect proofing to eat the performance, its insect proofing eats the performance to achieve the international



wool bureau stipulation the insect proofing eats the rank standard, has the fine insect proofing to eat the durability, can effectively prevent the ceremonial hat is destroyed by insects in the storing process.

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