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    Since many years ago, Hebei Lihua hat manufacturing group LTD. CO., earnestly implements the realization province, the city, the county environmental protection workshop spirit, brings into line with protection government work the important agendaIn the city, under the county environmental protection department's leadership and the support, enlarges to the sewage, waste gas government work dynamics, diligently improves dumps pollutants the facility, positively does the clean production work。

    Because the environmental protection job performance is remarkable, the Lihua group is successively saved the environmental protection bureau to evaluate "the Hebei Province hundred environmental protections outstanding units", "the Hebei Province environmental protection advanced enterprise" and so on the title of honor.

     Hebei Lihua makes cap the group limited company to invest 2.2 million Yuan in 2000, completes my county seat of honor water disposal plant, processing sewage ability 40 ton /H, and approves through the provinces and cities environmental protection monitor department.

    Along with the enterprise scale further expansion, the company leads the environmental protection consciousness unceasingly to strengthen, the  Lihua  group invests 5 million Yuan in September, 2005, has to enlarge the technological transformation extension to the water disposal plant, the improvement technological design, the optimal government equipment, enables the sewage treatment ability to achieve 60 ton /H, is put into the normal operation in July, 2006。The water disposal plant advanced uses at present "biochemistry processing + to pressurize two levels of gas to float" the processing craft to carry on processing to the waste water, to should stander get and so on COD after the city environmental protection in spectacle station, PH value, SS, chromaticity, ammonia nitro on the monitor, achieved the national sewage synthesis charges the standard.


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