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Cooperation sincerely, Prosperity together.

Supply superiority each other, Creates magnificently together.

                                                                                       Jushan Liu


    Mr. Jushan Liu, Communist Party secretary and chairman of Hebei Lihua Hat Manufacturing Group CO., LTD, routine director of China Nationa Light Industry Council,  routine director of China Promotive National Economy Foreign Cooperation Council,  vice director of Chinese Minority Products Association, head commissioner of The Nation Makes Cap the Specialized Committee, Commissioner of Hebei Province People’s Political Consultative Conference

      Mr. Jushan Liu is the founder of Lihua Hat Group. From 1985 on now, By to party and people's enterprise highly responsible spirit, to insistent reform,  scientific management, following epoch tideway, development and innovation, strives and  enterprising, solid work. With courage and wisdom, force, and polish standing on the entrepreneur’s place to contribute to economy prosperity, national industry promotion and world clothing culture development.

      The government supports the rural enterprise to develop in the Chinese opening initial stages, Mr. Jushan Liu positively managed has prepared for construction at that time the Dingxing County biggest rural enterprise----Lihua Hat Factory, and he was the manager in 1985. The younger enterprise is compelled to suspend production, because the market closed and the quality of goods. To face the enterprise which will be close down, Mr. Jushan Liu got over the difficulty from market closed, the technology is not mature and the equipment is backward; With tenacious and indomitable spirit, resolutely the real estate which only has by oneself makes themortgage to rents the management of Lihua factory; and unity leads all staff, to face difficulty together, arduous struggle, value science and technology, improves the quality, strengthens the management, develops the market, attraction foreign capital, foundation brand; Unswerving persists the correct industrial development direction. To keep the tenet that to manage a good enterprise, to promotes economic prosperity and civilization more than 20 years, Lihua was developed from a small factory earlier established who no more than 100 workers and only 1 million Yuan property to have the total property 160 million Yuan, 1800 workers, and yearly produces various hats 6 million, and have a center factory and two joint venture; Now in the word Lihua is the biggest group for cap production.

Successively has the honor to receive “National nationality products fixed-point production enterprise”, “National big dimorphism enterprise”, “The national level superposes the same code of honor to use the unit”, “The unit of the nation makes cap the specialized committee”, “National light industry quality benefit advanced enterprise” , “The star enterprise of Hebei Province”, “Hebei Province exports the bringing in foreign exchange income advanced unit”, “One of Hebei Province science and technology ten strong enterprises”, “Hebei Province good faith demonstration fine enterprise” ect., from this the enterprise each reward.

Also Successively has the honor to receive “Nation women and children high-quality products exposition golden awarding cup”, “The Chinese third session exports the product exposition gold prize”, “Chinese light industry famous brand products”, “Hebei province famous trademark”, “Hebei province famous brand products” ect. from this the enterprise each reward. 90% Lihua felt hats are export to international market, accounts for the world year similar product total sales volume 40%. The product sells to the world five continents 65 countries and the area, nearly has covered all developed countries market. Simultaneously “Lihua” the sign ceremonial hat takes the national minority special requirement thing, but also best-selling domestic more than 20 provinces, city, autonomous region, in particular Tibet, Xinjiang and so on national minority area. Because Lihua's well-knownness high, the enterprise influence is big, in 2000 Lihua completely has also undertaken to manufacture the ceremonial hat which the 27th session of Sydney Olympic Games opening ceremony guard of honor and the orchestra wears, has won the honor for the country and the nationality. Because Mr. Jushan Liu has the very high prestige and the important contribution in the domestic and foreign hats which makes to national making cap industry, in 2003 he identically is elected by the national hat colleague for China to make cap specialized committee director.

      Mr. Jushan Liu took enterprise the operator, continuously legally manages, the correct decision-making, following epoch tideway, firm will reforms, has the greatly strengthened business management ability and excellent leadership management art, his in close integration with makes cap the profession and the enterprise reality, successively personally formulated "four stipulations,a rewards and punishment", "the three essential factors of workshop management ", "the eight disciplines in workshop ", "the four main points to control inspection  ", "the four standards to control quality management " and so on a series of advanced enormous promotions enterprise developing.

      Mr. Jushan Liu respects the knowledge talented person, trains the cadre to construct the team, persists humanist, knows one's subordinates and assign them properly, appoints people on merit, not only raised has accomplished the outstanding cadre which one large quantities of young promising, had both ability and integrity, moreover also advertised for, has introduced the high quality and high-level specialized talented person which shared hard and with Lihua starts an undertaking, formed an extremely rich cohesive force, the knowledge stratification plane has been high, the unity strong management, as well as got over all the difficult , the not difficult gram, spcially not to be able to fight staff team. Simultaneously created the alone Lihua characteristic to have the deep inside story the enterprise culture, continued forever the development for Lihua to lay the solid foundation.

      Mr. Jushan Liu has the rich international commercial experience and splendid touches on foreign affairs the ability, in with general domestic and foreign customers and in all levels of leaders' work contact, not only had demonstrated Lihua elegant, set up the good faith, in a friendly way, the practical entrepreneur style, moreover its splendid touches on foreign affairs the ability and adept negotiation art, was has won the multitudinous overseas customer and friend's respect and the faith. So causes Lihua effectively to developed 65 countries and the area, nearly more than 160 overseas direct customers, but also succeeds the realization with the Japanese Fuji Group and the Belgian Luken two overseas companies' joint capital cooperation, as well as two time increases the capital with the Fuji Group to expand the stock, introduction foreign capital total 3,000,000 US dollars. All of these are formidable for Lihua and promotes the local economy development, has made the prominent important contribution.

     Mr. Jushan Liu persists the principle, unites comrade, attitude preciseness, cherish staff, justice, generous; He has displayed and is playing the important role in Lihua developing which cannot be substituted. As a result of Mr. Jushan Liu correct leadership, Lihua hat manufacturing group economy and the social efficiency are remarkable in more than 20 years. The enterprise accumulation realization output value 800 million Yuan, paid taxes 120 million Yuan, foreign exchange income 80 million US dollars by exportation, paid 135 million Yuan for staff wages. And arranged 1,600 work posts.

      Because the job performance is remarkable, successively many times has the honor to receive "The national outstanding entrepreneur", "The model labor of Hebei Province ", "The outstanding communist of Hebei province", " The carve out entrepreneur of Hebei Province", "The top-notch science and technology industrialist of Hebei province", "The star entrepreneur Hebei Province”, and he is named by China Promotive National Economy Foreign Cooperation Council as "the Chinese hat king".

    As enterprise's founders and leader, in the future, Mr. Jushanby Liu will works diligently, insistent advance, never self-satisfaction, never pause; fulfill the important spirit of “The three deputy”, with all the Lihua people to insist “Make good-quality product, and provide good servise for customer”. And he will struggle for Lihua who will turn to the best hats and felt enterprise.



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