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                                          Hat of honor guard in sydney olympic game



   Now, the palatial and shipshape chevalier & guard of honor composed by musicians with cowboy hats in light cream color just like a colossal rendering team specially for the hats. This team changed the tableau into the world and the ocean of the hats. Lihua Hat Group and Mountcastle Pty Ltd. in Australia make these 5000pcs elegant hats. This equal to conferring the exact gold metal to Lihua, it is the measureless glory and pride of not only Lihua but also the national Industry.

    Lihua hats as the pride of the national brand always show the glory and pride of China, especially in the present time when China increasingly comes into the world more and more.

    Today, followed the unceasing development and progress of the civilization of the humankind, more and more people prefer the vogue protocol and wearing apparel, the hats which have new design and new style as the unnecessary composition of the wearing apparel culture especially become the beautiful decoration for the people to incarnate their individuality and the special characteristics. This point foreshows the coming of the high time of the globalism consumption for the hats, and also, it means that the development of culture of the dressing decoration will enter into a new stage in this new thousand years and new century.

    "No pain no gain"harvest came from efforts,This is the best annotation for diligent and wisdom.




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